Utvalda produkter från Care of Gerd

Care of Gerd- We want to make a difference. Therefore, we have chosen to work with raw materials that have little or no environmental impact on nature, animals or humans.

Wairuas chosen products

Me myself use very little daily products in my daily skin and hair routine. For me its very important that the products are of high quality, good price and that they make a difference! And of course that they have as little impact on our nature, animals and to us. With that said I can proudly represent Care of Gerd as I used their product for years now.
I´m waiting for a small start of product now in february 2022- you can find them here to the right.

Care of Gerd
  • Lingonberry Bodylotion 275 ml
  • Rosemary Bodylotion 275ml
  • Blueberry vanilla Bodylotion 275ml
  • Blueberry Balm 60ml
  • Liniment 60 ml
  • Sauna Birch Scrub 200ml
  • 24/7 Balm 60 ml
  • Arnica Balm 60 ml