Caroline Rubino

Multi-passionate creator of experiences 

 This viability that I´m born with is always pushing me forward to explore new things and create experiences. I have worked in Arctic environments, competed in harsh climates, led people, been a soldier, cared for animals, written books etc. the list is long.  I´m a entrepreneur and finally I ended up caring for people and above all care about myself. 

And after all the searching and exploring I find it perfect for me to land in the role as a bodyworker. To encounter people, to help and find solutions and see results is the most beautiful things to experience.

Autumn 2021 my husband and I decided to move to Mallorca, after a four months long backpacker trip. And here I have my reception in our house on the country side surrounded by the nature. Here I find a calmness that is very important to me. So if you are looking for a unique treatment in a quiet, peaceful environment I welcome you and looking forward to crossing paths with you here in Mallorca.

 * Zoo keeper * Dog team guide * Lamb breeder * Strength training instructor * Dog therapist * Soldier / dog handler * Medical massage therapist * Backpacker * "Author" 

* Expat 

  • Medical massage therapist
    Medical massage therapist
  • Life at the mountain
    Life at the mountain
  • Start of the 500 km long sled dog race
    Start of the 500 km long sled dog race
  • Boxing instructor
    Boxing instructor
  • Participated in a 90 km long cross country ski race- during night
    Participated in a 90 km long cross country ski race- during night
  • Soldier- K9 unit
    Soldier- K9 unit
  • Me and the dogs Dovre mountain Norway
    Me and the dogs Dovre mountain Norway
  • - 43 degrees celcius Alta, Norway
    - 43 degrees celcius Alta, Norway



Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul.

- C.G Jung


Make a change in body and mind

Wairua values

Respect & sensibility
Joy & laughter


RAVEN- Its a symbol for the one who goes from unaware to awareness. It stands for changes and transformations.
" You are worthy to explore more of the magic of life"

From customer

You are delicate but have strong hands. You dig deep into the muscles and take your time and to do a really good treatment. When the pain in my back is at it worst, you make me mobile again and take away most of the pain. With you I feel calm and in safe hands. " / Helena
Why turn down the luxury of Spa's for your Healthcare treatments?

The education level of your masseus or massage therapist will be varied. From weekend courses to years of education. Always check that your therapist have the right and proper education. At a Spa- you probably get who ever that's available.
The high speed Spa schedule - making more money per minute- pushing employees to the limits every day. As a self employed, I will value my health and a few quality treatments and your time more than chasing numbers.
Every client will be treated as "the one and only" to me. Because from the start of preparation, you will be the only person I'm focusing on and that will not stop (even after you have left). I will still cary you with me, trying to excel and help you the best I can next time. You will not be just "one in the crowd".
I welcome you to my sacred place, with my energies and happy place. Full of good intentions. You will not share this place or energies with 40 others.
Yes, It's how I put food on my table, but it's also the way I live and breathe. My small business and clients means the world to me.
I have the flexibility to create a customized treatment specially for you. I don't need to follow a menu written "step-by-step" to suit every body.