Swedish massage therapy

This massage is knowned to be very effective and deep. You will feel the treatment working through your muscles and loosen up thight tissue. I like to call it treating medical massage.  I´ll start with warmin up the muscles that creates circulation and blood flow. To make the muscles soft. And you´ll get the time to calm down and relax. When you´re ready I´ll move on with deeper techniques, which you will feel a lot, if you have specific problems or stiff muscles. In the end of the treatment I´ll finnish with softer and soothing techniques for a calming sensation.

I work thoroughly and deep down in to the muscles to release pain and stiffness. It will be calm and slow through your body and specific problem areas or injuries. We will communicate if needed, so I can follow you in your process. You will also have the opportunity to just be, breath and feel the tension and pain go away.


If you want I can give you therapeutic stretching. The technique is very comfortable and pleasant to recieve. And it will bring more mobility and wisdom about your body. A muscle that is smooth will not be able to injure as easily and prevent incorrect loading of the body.

Massage treatment can help you to get rid of:

* Pain in the muscles
* Stress
* Insomnia
* Injuries
* Poor blood circulation
* Anxiety
* Numbness
* Back pain
* Neck pain
* Headache 

Massage treatments can help you with:

* Increased well- being
* Body awareness
* Better sleep
* Mobility
* Better nutrition and oxygen supply to the muscles
* Increased performance
* Better recovery
* Reduced risk of injury
* Increase the production of synovial fluid
* Make the connective tissue smoother

I recommend every one to visit Wairua and Caroline. Durig the summer and infront of European Maters, I was there and she has a big part of my  great result!  
Tense muscles is often the cause to pain in my back and neck. My training is  much more effective with muscles and joints that have better mobility and balance. Then the results will show even if the goal is to be No. 1 in bench pressing or "just" for the sake of good health! 
/ Patrik Fornander, silver medalist European Masters